Meet real life Sparkles!

She looks cute doesn’t she? Well, read on to find about all the crazy adventures she gets up to and the ultimate challenge she has to face!

The Adventures of Sparkles is based on a real life kitty. This is the first in the series of Sparkles stories.

Watch the introduction read by Cheryl Milligan to get an idea of what is inside!

About the Author

Cheryl Milligan lives in Newtownards, Co Down, Northern Ireland with her husband Steve and their two boys Bobby and Sam. They live on a farm and have lots of animals, including a guinea pig and two rabbits. The Sparkles stories was inspired by Sam’s birthday kitty, who was too crazy not to write about!

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Sparkles Prelude

Read the Prelude free, meet Sparkles for the first time and get introduced to her ‘human family’ and big fluffy Belle. Just click on the picture above and you’ll get a taster! See the pictures below for an idea of what’s in store!

Sparkles gets into trouble in the loo!

Sparkles has a nasty turn!

Sparkles explodes!

Sparkles meets her match

Book 2 Sparkles and Friends

Princess Sparkles continues on her adventures with lots of friends! She has to make a big decision and along the way must face the greatest challenge of her kitty life! Read on to find out!

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See below for a peek at the pictures

Sparkles Queen Scrounger!

Sparkles looking cutesy

Sparkles weeps

Hi I’m Tabby!!

Sparkles and the hearing aids!


Book 3 More Adventures of Sparkles

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Sparkles continues on her magical journey with her friends into the Cat Kingdom and other worlds. She must rely on all their strength to help fight a terrible force. Will they succeed? Read on to find out…🤩🤩

Have a peek at some pictures from Book 3✨✨

Evil Rex and his followers invade the Cat Kingdom
Evil Rex and his followers invade the Cat Kingdom
Evil Rex and his followers invade the Cat Kingdom
Sparkles and friends lay a trap
Will Sparkles survive?
The Great Wizard

Sparkles meets a new friend

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